San Diego senior care homesThere are hundreds of licensed senior care homes in San Diego County. These homes are also referred to as board and care, or residential care. In some cases, small senior care homes are an affordable and practical alternative to an assisted living community or a skilled nursing facility.

San Diego board and care homes vary dramatically from one to the next. Consulting an experience senior care advisor will be most important when exploring this category of care.

Senior care homes are houses in family neighborhoods. You may have one or more near you. The home may have very few modifications, or it may have been completely built and designed for senior care. Most of the homes fall somewhere in between.

 What Makes A Board And Care Home Different?


Most care homes house 6 seniors, although a few homes in the county have up to 15 beds. A board and care home is smaller and more intimate with a lower caregiver to resident ratio.


Both larger assisted living communities and small board and care homes fall under the same license. Both can care for seniors that have difficulty with physical mobility and day to day task, as well as care for seniors with dementia. A residential care home may have the ability to provide a higher level of care for its residents than some assisted living communities, depending upon how it is structured.


A board and care home may be more affordable than a larger assisted living community, depending upon the care level of the resident. The fees in most care homes are all-inclusive.

Tell Me More About Board and Care Homes


Board and care homes may offer a few activities, but in general the activity level is lower than in an assisted living community. In board and care homes the residents tend to be more frail, making organized activities less important.


Every board and care home has its own unique features. You will find distinct differences throughout the county in home size and configuration, room and bath size and configuration, and look and feel.


A board and care home does not have to be fancy, but it should be clean, tidy and free of smells. The home should also have a solid track record. Check the home’s most recent licensing inspection report for any citations or complaints.


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    1. I would make sure they are local and personally visit every care home or care community they refer. Checking licensing is also important.

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