These 25 senior safety tips could keep your elderly loved one out of the emergency room.

San Diego senior safety

Senior Safety In Your Home:

Wear a medical alert

Install hand rails along walls where needed

Don’t stand on ladders or chairs

Avoid stairs if possible

Make sure hallways and doorways are free of clutter

Make sure lighting is adequate, even bright

Don’t use throw rugs and make sure bathroom rugs are tacked down

Make sure all smoke detectors are in good working order

Don’t open the door to strangers

Senior Safety On Your Person:

Wear comfortable shoes with low heels and non-slip soles

Make sure loosely worn clothing won’t catch on furniture or stove handles

Use a walking aid when needed, even if you’d rather not

Sit and stand up slowly, especially after lying down

Concentrate on balance

Drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration

Eat regularly to maintain constant blood sugar levels

Review medications with family and doctor on a regular basis

Know your medications’ possible interactions and side effects and be aware of these symptoms

Senior Safety In Your Bathroom:

Use a night lite

Install grab bars in showers and on sides of the toilet

Make sure your bathtub or shower is non-skid

Keep water spills off the floor

Keep hot water temperature low enough so it can’t burn

When possible, only bathe or shower when someone is there

Use a bedside commode if getting to the bathroom overnight is a hazard


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