Assisted Living For A Couple

Locating the best assisted living facility for one person is difficult, but finding assisted living for a couple has unique challenges.  Very often a family looks for assisted living for a couple because one spouse needs care, and the well spouse can no longer provide care for any number of reasons. In San Diego County there are over a hundred assisted living communities.  In addition, there are hundreds of small assisted living care homes. Locating […]

My family’s journey with senior care

When I started my Elder Answers business, both my parents and my parents-in-law were together, living in their own homes without assistance. Two and a half years later, many things have changed. I always thought my experience with assisted living and home care would make getting the help we needed for my parents and my in-laws easier, and it definitely has to a certain extent. But what I’ve also learned is, as with all things, […]