…the hidden gem for San Diego Alzheimer’s care.

If you are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s in San Diego, dementia day care could be a lifesaver.

As a caregiver, you know the demands can be overwhelming. You’re doing your best, but you are tired, frustrated and behind on other responsibilities in your life.San Diego Alzheimer's day care

If this stress is left untreated, it can take a significant toll on your health, your relationships and your state of mind. Caregiver burnout is real and can be very dangerous.

The stress from caring for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s can be particularly damaging since it is typically a chronic, long-term challenge. You may face years of caregiving responsibilities.

Without help and support, you can become vulnerable to a range of physical and emotional problems, ranging from heart disease to depression. Other signs and symptoms of caregiver burnout include anxiety, depression, irritability, fatigue and trouble concentrating.

Learning to recognize the signs of caregiver stress is the first step to dealing with this problem. Once you recognize the symptoms and realize that full-time caregiving is no longer a healthy option for you or your loved one, it’s time to get help.

Remember, you won’t be able to care for someone else if you don’t take care of yourself. Seeking respite care is vital!

The Care Choices – Dementia Day Care, In Home Care or Placement

Researching professional care choices can be overwhelming, and often families don’t know where to start. You may want to bring care inside your home, you move want to move your loved one to a dementia assisted living community or board and care home, or you may not be ready for either of these solutions.

You may want to keep your loved one living at home, but you just need a break! Are there any other options?

Fortunately, the answer is YES! There is another option that is too often overlooked, yet it provides a very helpful and affordable solution. Perhaps it is time to consider a dementia day program.

What is dementia day care?

Dementia day programs, also called adult day care programs, offer your loved one a change of pace and a place to go during the day where they will be safe. They will be supervised by professionally-trained care staff. And your loved one will have an opportunity to socialize and participate in activities that keeps them active and engaged.

Enrolling your loved one in an adult day program can also help to decrease the risk of dangerous falls and wandering. It can also reduce the incidence of hospitalizations and re-admissions.Dementia Day Care in San Diego

The George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers, Inc.® is the best known San Diego County dementia day care program and offers excellent dementia-specific help. With its first center in the heart of Hillcrest and fondly called “The Little Blue House”, the George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers, Inc.® is truly a hidden gem in San Diego. Founded by Joy Glenner and the late Dr. George G. Glenner, the famous researcher and physician who discovered the link between the beta-amyloid protein and Alzheimer’s, this center offers vital respite for distraught caregivers.

The Hillcrest Glenner Center is located on the corner of 4th Avenue and Pennsylvania and is open Monday-Friday, 8:45 am-5:15 pm.

And if this location is not convenient for you, The Glenner Center also has dementia day programs in Encinitas and Chula Vista.

These day programs will allow your loved one to continue to live at home while still receiving the expert care and socialization they need during the day. And they allow you, as caregiver, to take a break that is essential for your own health.

As a local non-profit organization, the Glenner Center’s mission is to provide affordable and accessible dementia day care. Their full day rate is less than $12 per hour for hands on, expert care with supervision by a Registered Nurse. They also accept Long Term Care Insurance and Veteran’s Benefits.

If you are in the San Diego County region and are caring for someone with Alzheimer’s, please give the Glenner Center a call at 619-543-4704. They will be happy to help. In the words of their co-founder, Joy Glenner, they are “Sharing the Caring”.