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Nicole S.
Nicole S.

2019-06-29 07:29:10
I originally found Elder Answers on YELP. Lise has been extremely helpful from the start. Finding the right help for my mom has been a process. Lise has...
maryanne b.
maryanne b.

2019-05-15 15:54:52
Navigating through the elder care system can be daunting! Lise was a blessing to me and my mom during a very difficult transition in my mom's life. It has...
Kerry P.
Kerry P.

2018-03-14 14:34:51
Lise Marquis has been such an amazing asset to our family during a VERY difficult time. She immediately reached out after in-home care was no longer an...
Mary D.
Mary D.

2017-12-03 07:18:03
I would recommend Lise Marquis wholeheartedly. She really knows the elder care scene in San Diego and she CARES. When she visited my mom at her previous...
Kristina G.
Kristina G.

2017-04-12 14:00:03
Lise is wonderful! She was such a great help and resource in finding a place for my grandmother. She took the time to get to know our needs, and gave great...
Erin S.
Erin S.

2017-03-16 14:46:32
I found Lise here on Yelp, and I'm so glad I did. My mother had a heart attack and we were suddenly scrambling for help. I was completely lost and Lise was...
Jill T.
Jill T.

2016-03-20 20:55:03
Lisa found my mother in law a palace to live in for her final days. Give us tons of information and basically took us through the whole process all without...

Danielle Trivento
Danielle Trivento

15:56 21 Jun 19
Lise is a pleasure to work with and she is very professional.
Charlotte Diaz
Charlotte Diaz

23:05 07 May 17
Lisa is very concerned that she finds the right place for your needs. She is on time to her appointment with you. She gives a list of places to visit and answers all questions. You'll enjoy working with her.
Holli Gobrecht
Holli Gobrecht

00:09 26 Jan 17
I am so thankful for Lise who seemed to know exactly what I was looking for in placing my Mom. It's like she had a "sixth sense". Prior to finding a place, she visited my Mom and took part in some of her daily activities. I witnessed her sincerity and grew confident in her knowledge and expertise. Ultimately, she knows and cares for the elderly and is gifted to help them and their families. I'm extremely happy with the place she found for my Mom. I recommend her above any and all.
David Grossman
David Grossman

04:51 20 Jan 17
Lise Marquis of Elder Answers has been a huge help to me. When my wife first needed placement in a memory care facility close to my home, Lise promptly provided me with several options. Then some time later when my wife's care needs exceeded that facility's ability to care for her, Lise found us another facility within the county that is now taking great care of my wife. Having Elder answers has given me some much needed peace of mind.
Ann Butterfield
Ann Butterfield

00:55 20 Jan 17
Lise offered access to wonderful care communities for older adults that my client and I were not aware of, thus expanding our possible options for long term care needs. She provided prompt, professional, and courteous communications in order to ensure all expectations were met and fulfilled and she facilitated difficult conversations between all parties involved. I acknowledge Lise for her caring and knowledgeable approach and follow through. Thank you!
Brian Frantz
Brian Frantz

02:08 12 Jan 17
Lise Marquis at Elder Answers is an exceptional individual. I've found her to be very knowledgeable, patient and thorough. I would recommend Lise to anyone looking for senior care in San Diego County.

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“You have been the most informed and helpful of anyone that I’ve talked to. You’ve had good, practical information, and I don’t feel like I’m talking to someone who’s just trying to sell me something. I’m going to continue to use you as my main resource, and recommend you to the other people I know that require this kind of service. Thanks for your help.”


“My Father recently passed away in the LOVING CARE of (home name removed for privacy). Thank you for the referral and want you to know that this home was the BEST experience my Father ever had!! Initially, Dad was completely able-bodied, which was wonderful for a 96-year-old! As time passed, he needed more assistance and this home embraced his needs in every detail. Thank you, again.”


“Hi Lise ! We really liked (name of care home removed for privacy) and put down a deposit this afternoon. We think mom is going to like it. Thank you for working this weekend and helping us find what we hope is a great fit. I’m happy to be a reference for you – you are terrific!”


“Hi Lise, I’m so sorry to not get back to you and thank you for your assistance in placing (name of resident removed for privacy) in a facility that seems to care about the elderly. It’s refreshing to know that there are people like yourself that care. You are Greatly Appreciated. Thank You”


“Hi Lise — I really appreciate ALL of your help. You’ve been the best. Thanks again for checking in.”


“Thank you again for coming to my rescue once again. Hopefully this will be the last time. We will see. I will contact you as need be, but, again thank you so!”


“Good morning Lise, I have sent a deposit to (home name removed for privacy) and plan on moving on March 1st. The home is a very good fit and I am in debt to you for your help. Thanks again”


“Hi Lise…. I also want to thank you so very much for all of your time & information! You have been so extremely helpful & I will highly recommend you to anyone who may need your assistance!”


“Thank you so much! It is hard to find people out there that actually do their job and do their job well. Happy to have your new contact info. I will be in touch further for assistance.”


“Hi Lise, Mom left the hospital yesterday and went directly to (name of care home removed for privacy). She’s better, and we hope she keeps improving. My father moved today. I think they’re adjusting well so far. Thank you so much for the referral!”


“Thank you so much Lise! I really appreciate all your help and your genuine desire to help….You are great!! I will keep you posted and hope to have a choice by the end of the day. Thanks again. I am sincerely grateful to you!”


“I really appreciate your time, coming out with us today. This all has been quite the journey, and I appreciate your assistance more than you can imagine.”


“I am grateful to you for the input, guidance and support to help me with my fathers care! (Name of care home removed for privacy) is impeccable!”


“Thanks again Lise for all your help!! My dad is doing really great and I’m so grateful you were able to help us make this difficult decision. You are a true blessing!”


“Thank you so much for your time and assistance with your recommendations for my aunt. You helped guide us and make the transition much easier. Your professionalism and wisdom have been so valuable. It has truly been a pleasure to work with you. Thanks again for your patience and guidance. Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference. You are a real gem!!”


“I am very pleased with your assistance, Lise.  Your four recommendations were great as they afforded four very different options from which to choose.  Thank you for your efforts on our behalf.  It’s a daunting project without knowledgeable assistance and I couldn’t have managed without you.”


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