My Parents' Journey
I haven’t written about my parents’ journey as much as I have about my professional experience as a senior care adviser.  Yet my life is taking the same path as
My Parents Journey
care for parents with dementia
Many of the calls I get are from the adult child of a parent with dementia.  It’s all too common these days.  In some of these cases the parent’s dementia
Dementia Care
assisted living homes San Diego
Many people don’t know about small assisted living homes, also called board and care homes or residential care homes. The reason is these are homes tucked into neighborhoods.  We see
Board and Care Home
Locating the best assisted living facility for one person is difficult, but finding assisted living for a couple has unique challenges.  Very often a family looks for assisted living for
Assisted Living
My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s last year.  She just turned 85.  The disease is still in its very early stages and she’s doing well, so our hope is the
Dementia Care
what can you do when your aging parents disagree with your advice
When we were young, our parents told us what to do to look out for our safety and wellbeing. And as a child, we listened. However, when our parents reach old age,
Aging Loved Ones
Alzheimers care facility
Useful Dementia Activities When a loved one has Alzheimer’s or any type of dementia, being familiar with some helpful dementia activities is important. When a senior feels engaged, their days
Dementia Care
best san diego assisted living
Moving to a senior community or assisted living community in San Diego? In some cases, making the decision to move to a senior community is the easy part.  The more
Assisted Living
Assisted living resources
Families need support and local assisted living resources when making difficult care decisions. And one of the most important decisions a senior and their family will make is where that
Assisted Living
Assisted living Escondido
There are a lot of reasons families hesitate moving their elder loved one to assisted living, or an elderly person resists this change. Some of the reasons for this hesitation
Assisted Living