In San Diego County, senior day care programs can provide:

San Diego Senior Day Care

*Care and oversight for a loved one while a caregiver is gone during the day
*Socialization outside the home to prevent a feeling of isolation
*Activities and outings to help a senior stay mentally and physically active
*Attention to health care needs
*A much need break (respite) for a primary caregiver

Senior day care programs are either a medical model (Adult Day Health Centers – ADHC, or Community Based Adult Services – CBAS), or a non-medical, social model (Adult Day Program – ADP). Some of San Diego’s senior day care programs may operate as both types.

The California Department of Public Health licenses the Adult Day Health Centers.  ADHCs are out-patient day programs for seniors with ongoing medical, emotional or cognitive issue.  They are also for persons with disabilities.  The goal of ADHCs is to keep this at risk population in their homes to avoid long term facility care.

These properly licensed programs provide medical care, preventative care, and social care including:

*Nursing Care
*Physical Therapy
*Occupational Therapy
*Speech Therapy
*Psychological Services

Medi-Cal covers most all ADHC and CBAS programs.

The other type of senior day care is a social, non-medical model called an Adult Day Program.  ADPs are licensed by the California Department of Social Services.

Adult Day Programs are not required to provide any medical care, but most will provide basic health monitoring including medication management, personal hygiene reminders and checks, meals, activities, socialization and outings.  Many programs also provide caregiver support.

ADPs are primarily private pay, some operating on a sliding scale depending upon a senior’s income.

Here is a list of the licensed senior day programs in San Diego County to print out.  They will all have different programs, different costs, and possible government assistance, so please call for more information before you visit. And please feel free to comment below on any program/service I’ve missed.

Not all senior day programs will accept a senior with cognitive impairment.

As you search for the most appropriate senior day care program, here are some factors to consider:
1.  Does the program serve seniors in a similar age, demographic, and ethnic group as the potential participant?
2.  Does the program serve seniors with similar conditions and care needs?
3.  Does the program serve seniors with dementia and to what degree of dementia?
4.  Does the program serve seniors who are non-ambulatory? Incontinent?
5.  Does the program have accessibility limits? For example, can a senior use a wheelchair or be visually impaired?
6.  Does the program evaluate the participant before admission and how does that evaluation take place?
7.  Is the program center inviting?
8.  What do participants do during their day?
9.  Is the program covered by Medi-Cal?  If not, what does the program cost?
10. What are the program days and hours and is there a minimum attendance required?
11. Does the program include meals and snacks?
12. Does the program offer transportation to and from the center, or on outings?
13. Can the participant attend a few times at no cost to see if the program is a fit?

Finally, be sure to take a tour of the senior day care program to see if it feels right for your elderly loved one.

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