Moving to a Retirement Community or Assisted Living?

Moving to a senior community or assisted living community in San Diego? In some cases, making the decision to move to a senior community is the easy part.  The more challenging part can be physically moving yourself and your belongings. In this several part series, we’ll look at how to make the transition to a senior community take place with the least amount of stress possible. Assuming the senior has a house to sell, the first […]

Local Assisted Living Resources Are Best

Families need support and local assisted living resources when making difficult care decisions. And one of the most important decisions a senior and their family will make is where that senior will live for their remaining years. I'm a professional eldercare adviser, AND my family just helped my parents move to assisted living. It would be my pleasure to help you. San Diego County is where I've been helping families for over 10 years. If [...]

6 Social Benefits of Assisted Living for Seniors

If your elderly loved one has been living at home alone for some time, you might worry that moving him or her to an assisted living community in San Diego will be too difficult of a transition. You may worry that your loved one will not adjust, or feel they have been abandoned. But for the majority of seniors, assisted living gives them greater social opportunities that have the potential to improve their quality of […]