Social benefits of assisted living communities in San DiegoIf your elderly loved one has been living at home alone for some time, you might worry that moving him or her to an assisted living community in San Diego will be too difficult of a transition. You may worry that your loved one will not adjust, or feel they have been abandoned. But for the majority of seniors, assisted living gives them greater social opportunities that have the potential to improve their quality of life. Here are a few reasons why.

1. There are structured social activities on and off campus.

Senior communities throughout San Diego offer numerous activities for seniors. There is something for everyone; some examples might include a bridge group, book club, choir, Bible study, and so on. Field trips are organized on and off campus for seniors at independent living and assisted living communities. And for seniors who have difficulty with mobility, staff is available to assist them. These activities can be fun and provide valuable opportunities to bond with others and make new friends.

2. Some communities offer lectures and classes.

For intellectually minded seniors, there are many retirement communities that host classes and lectures, or provide transportation to nearby community colleges. This is a wonderful way for seniors to learn new things, keep their brains active, and to meet others who share their interests.

3. There are social fitness opportunities.

Often times living at home leads to a sedentary lifestyle which can result in poor health. Without encouragement from an outside person or service, it may be a challenge to persuade mom or dad to go out for a walk or do a daily form of exercise. Fitness classes are offered regularly at assisted living communities. Your elderly loved one might be more easily persuaded to go on a walk, practice water aerobics, or try Tai chi or yoga if he or she can do it with new friends.

4. There is a renewed opportunity to make friends.

While it is wonderful to have the comfort of family, a senior may get lonely when they have no one their age to relate to. For an elderly person who is widowed, this may be especially true. At a retirement community, it can be comforting for seniors to have opportunities to socialize with others who remember the same decades, have some of the same shared experiences, and may have some of the same ailments.

5. More time means more attention to personal wants.

Right now your elder may spend most of their time struggling to take care of their daily needs—cooking, cleaning, hygiene, etc. This leaves very little time to not only be social, but to do the things they may want to do, not need to do. At a San Diego retirement community, your elder won’t have to worry about these daily chores, freeing up time and energy to experience other activities. Regaining this lost sense of self may bring more contentment, an enhanced quality of life, and perhaps even improved health.

6. Stress can be alleviated in family relationships.

Your elder’s relationship with family members who are also caregivers may be strained right now. Caregivers struggle to balance their many responsibilities, and in some cases may be uncomfortable with “parenting” their parents. Additionally, elders may feel they are not being permitted the full dignity and independence they deserve. Moving a loved one to an assisted living community can restore harmony to family relationships.

Moving a loved one out of their home (or yours) and into assisted living in San Diego can be a difficult and painful decision. But oftentimes seniors who move into retirement communities discover these varied social opportunities make the challenging transition all worthwhile.

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