Veterans Assisted Living
There are not very many veterans assisted living communities in California.  But there is still good news. If you have been in the military or have been married to someone in the military, you may be entitled to a veterans pension that could help pay for care. And this little know pension may help pay for care in your own home, or in any licensed assisted living. This veterans pension is called Aid & Attendance.  It’s
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55 plus neighborhoods are very popular for younger San Diego County seniors. A 55 plus retirement community is different than independent living.  It is a place to live where everyone is at least 55 years of age or older, but 55+ communities typically do not provide transportation and there are no meals or amenities or assistance given. 55 plus neighborhoods can be condominiums, single family homes, or mobile/manufactured homes.  San Diego County has all categories.
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San Diego senior safety
These 25 senior safety tips could keep your elderly loved one out of the emergency room. Senior Safety In Your Home: Wear a medical alert Install hand rails along walls where needed Don’t stand on ladders or chairs Avoid stairs if possible Make sure hallways and doorways are free of clutter Make sure lighting is adequate, even bright Don’t use throw rugs and make sure bathroom rugs are tacked down Make sure all smoke detectors
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Find assisted living
Every day in San Diego County, adult children are faced with the question of how to find assisted living for an elderly loved one, usually a parent.  The population is aging at an advanced rate and this scenario will occur more and more often as the years go on. The majority of seniors prefer to stay in their own homes as they age.  We call this aging in place, and it can be done with
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San Diegp palliative care
The word “palliative” is often confusing, so here is a palliative care definition.  The pronunciation for palliative is PA-LEE-UH-TIV. Many people think palliative care and hospice care are the same thing.  In some ways the terms are almost interchangeable, but they are not the same.  Hospice is a form of palliative care, but palliative care is not hospice care. Palliative care can be provided even if the patient is undergoing curative treatment.  You do not
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